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A-Z Leather Care Guide

A-Z Leather Care Guide You Should Know

Just notice and be a little skillful that you can preserve leather items such as bags, purses, coats … quickly, it does not take much time but higher the efficiency. With a few tips below, hopefully, you will have solutions for your fashion accessories look like new and more durable. 1. Drying the leather It […]

Choosing leather bag for modest height men

Tips To Choose Leather Bag For Short & Thin Men

For guys with a slightly short body, they must always feel inferior in choosing outfits as well as choosing bags that suit their body. So how to help them confidently present unique and trendy handbags? Today we will help you answer that question through some tips to choose men’s handbags to help short boys cheat […]

Men leather briefcase

Do You Know Alcohol Can Effectively Clean Your Leather Bag?

Surely when your expensive leather handbag gets dirty, you will be very uncomfortable, right? Nowadays, there are many tips to help you clean the stain without damaging the skin of the bag. One of them is to use Alcohol to remove stains. How to clean leather bags with alcohol is not difficult. However, in the […]

Reason why you should possess a men clutch

Clutch For Men – Why Not?

When fashion no longer distinguishes age, gender, men can also wear anything they want, even if it is item born for women. Such as clutch, of course men can carry it as well. It’s not that a guy just goes out on the street with a computer backpack, a big office bag, or a cross-bag […]

Men leather briefcase

5 Easy Steps To Preserve Men Leather Briefcase From Moldy

Looking for a bag that’s vintage in style and durable? There will be no more perfect choice than a handbag made of leather. A good leather handbag will save you money if you know how to care for and store them properly. Proper care will prevent leather bags from drying, cracking or peeling, and avoid contact with the moisture that causes […]

Men with small crossbody bag

5 Reasons To Buy Small Men Crossbody Bag

Men’s bags today are often diverse, many types make many guys wonder whether to choose a suitable crossbody bag. There are of course many reasons that affect the decision to buy any of them. However, there are a number of reasonable reasons for you to buy for small men’s crossbody bags. Let’s find out together! 1. Suitable […]

Burlap bags

Men’s Burlap Cross Bags – Why Is It Always Best Seller?

Men’s burlap bag is both convenient and trendy. They are loved by fashionistas around the world. Burlap bags are one of the accessories that has received attention in recent years. From its role as a highly functional bag, it is favored by young people to carry items when shopping. Now the tote bag is transformed with a variety of […]