Just notice and be a little skillful that you can preserve leather items such as bags, purses, coats … quickly, it does not take much time but higher the efficiency.

With a few tips below, hopefully, you will have solutions for your fashion accessories look like new and more durable.

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1. Drying the leather

It will be unavoidable when it rains down the street, your leather bag will get wet if it is not dried quickly, it will quickly spoil. It should not be exposed in the sun, but in wet winter conditions, white frost may form on the leather. Wipe them off with a damp cloth promptly, avoiding the formation of cracks. Let it dries naturally.

2. Remove moldy spot on the leather

You should choose products that help keep your skin’s natural shine, avoid cleansers that leave a residue or any greasy substances as they can allow bacteria to enter, causing dull skin and easily breaking stitches.

Before removing stains from the entire surface of the leather item, try removing a small, barely visible area. Wait a few minutes, if there is no discoloration then continue. To remove excess detergent, use a damp cloth or a small brush to brush around the stitches. Exfoliate regularly if you want to make sure it’s free of dirt. It is advisable to remove and care for leather before it dries.

3. Soften leather

All skin types need to be softened again after washing. Use a conditioner to soften it, because the oil in the conditioner helps to lubricate the skin and add softness. Do not use products that contain petroleum or mineral oil because they will damage leather in the future. Soften leather a few times a season and do this often when it’s exposed to the sun or high humidity.

4. Polishing the leather

Do not use polishes containing colorants, as these can damage the natural skin tone. Some products can also clog leather pores, causing permanent damage. Polished leather with a soft cloth.

5. Eliminate wrinkles on the leather surface

Always preserve leather purse bags by hanging them on a hook to avoid wrinkles. If wrinkles still appear, place the area under an iron quickly.

Above are 5 tips to help take care of your genuine leather items, but you should keep this in mind if you want to protect your leather item to be harden. Absolutely do not expose leather items to moisture such as rain, sweat and other liquids. Unprotected leather hardens and cracks faster. Apply preservative to leather after it has been dry and cleaned. Reapply occasionally to make sure the item is dry before wearing. With premium skin types, it’s best to take them to the store for being cleaned!

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