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Author: phuong

Swimming is the best workout

Swimming at 40 is not that difficult!

For those who love water sports, the most appropriate age to learn to swim by default is from elementary school. That age not only helps us to be more receptive but also helps us to develop the body in the most comprehensive way. However, if you turn 40, an age that people call “four weeks”, […]

Is it hard to swim

Which stroke is the hardest?

The butterfly stroke also sometimes called Fly stroke, Dolphin stroke. This is a fast-swimming style that requires more technique and physical strength than stride swimming, breaststroke, or backstroke because it must combine rhythmic movements of legs, arms, and body. The butterfly stroke is the latest form of swimming to enter the competition, it first appeared […]

Swimming laps

Why swimming is beloved by everyone?

Swimming is one of the forms of full-body water movement and is one of the ideal ways to increase height. With standard swimming techniques, swimmers can maintain balance and float on the water without being submerged in the water due to the effect of gravity. At the same time, arms and legs combine rhythmic work […]

Katie Ledecky

What country is swimming most popular?

Do you know which country produces many world-class swimmers? Yes, America is a country home to many world-class swimmers. Including Phelps, Ledecky or Natalie Loughlin.So did you know that swimming is the most loved sport in this country? If you do not know, please go find out with us. According to Wikipedia, Swimming in the […]

Swimming improves mental health

Can swimming be self-taught?

This is often a question that you do not know how to swim or ask. And of course, the answer depends entirely on how hard you try and who your instructor is able to convey the message to. Is swimming easy to learn? The answer is yes! And it depends on how your fast learning! […]

A-Z Leather Care Guide

A-Z Leather Care Guide You Should Know

Just notice and be a little skillful that you can preserve leather items such as bags, purses, coats … quickly, it does not take much time but higher the efficiency. With a few tips below, hopefully, you will have solutions for your fashion accessories look like new and more durable. 1. Drying the leather It […]

Choosing leather bag for modest height men

Tips To Choose Leather Bag For Short & Thin Men

For guys with a slightly short body, they must always feel inferior in choosing outfits as well as choosing bags that suit their body. So how to help them confidently present unique and trendy handbags? Today we will help you answer that question through some tips to choose men’s handbags to help short boys cheat […]

Reason why you should possess a men clutch

Clutch For Men – Why Not?

When fashion no longer distinguishes age, gender, men can also wear anything they want, even if it is item born for women. Such as clutch, of course men can carry it as well. It’s not that a guy just goes out on the street with a computer backpack, a big office bag, or a cross-bag […]

Men with small crossbody bag

5 Reasons To Buy Small Men Crossbody Bag

Men’s bags today are often diverse, many types make many guys wonder whether to choose a suitable crossbody bag. There are of course many reasons that affect the decision to buy any of them. However, there are a number of reasonable reasons for you to buy for small men’s crossbody bags. Let’s find out together! 1. Suitable […]