Select a handmade leather bag size

The first rule when choosing handbag accessories that go with your outfit is the principle of balance size. With the Maximalism style that has many layers, if you use a wide and long outerwear, consider choosing a small and medium sized handmade leather bag for the overall balance. If a bag comes too big it will make your overall look cumbersome. You can apply this principle to match with other accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, … to match the outfit.

Selection of handmade leather bag texture

To choose the most suitable handmade leather bag, pay attention to the texture. You can use the same type of painting as with other outfits or accessories such as shoes or hats. If you can’t find a bag with the same texture, you can use a different texture that shares the same theme as your outfit, for example your outfit will feel soft, light, with a bit of color. Of nature, you can choose a bag with a floral pattern.

Choose a leather bag with the same texture as your outfit

Choice of color handmade leather bag

Although it is the Maximalism style, where fashionistas maximize the color and texture of their costumes, where creativity unleashes the throne, to have a beautiful overall, we are not. the principle of color harmony can be forgotten. To choose the most suitable handmade leather bag, you can use the color of the bag of the same color or with a similar color gamut on the outfit or other accessories such as watches, shoes, hats, …

Choose handmade leather bags with colors like costumes and or accessories

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