Surely when your expensive leather handbag gets dirty, you will be very uncomfortable, right? Nowadays, there are many tips to help you clean the stain without damaging the skin of the bag. One of them is to use Alcohol to remove stains.

Cleaning your leather bag with Alcohol

How to clean leather bags with alcohol is not difficult. However, in the process of preserving leather bags you need to take precautions to avoid damaging your belongings, especially when using strong detergents such as alcohol.

1. Alcohol cleaning method is not only applicable to leather bags, but also for all other genuine leather products.

2. This method is only applicable to high-quality leather handbags, not to products made from suede.

3. When cleaning leather bags with alcohol, never use wet baby wipes, vinegar or any cleaning solutions that contain chemicals, as these can cause discoloration, dry leather skin, wrinkled leather skin.

4. Before using alcohol to clean leather, you should try it first in a small hidden corner that few people notice. If the leather skin is discolored or has patchy spots, there are a few other ways to clean your skin.

5. Be careful not to handle skin if you are applying lotion or greasy hands.

6. If newly purchased leather goods come with a carrying bag, keep this bag to cover the product when not in use.

7. Avoid exposing leather to direct sunlight, this can discolor and damage the leather material.

8. Light leather handbags, purses, or belts should not be used in combination with dark clothing because the dye from the clothes can be tied to leather, damaging the product’s color.

Above are 08 ways to use Alcohol to clean and preserve your leather bag. Please refer to this article carefully before performing any method!

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