It can be said that Kanye West’s Yeezy shoes are increasingly popular in the sneakerheads community, so since the news that Yeezy Slide shoes revealed the first images, many people were attracted to it.

How much does Yeezy Slides sandals cost?

Every summer is also the time when Kanye West and Adidas introduce to the world the Yeezy models they develop. This year, in addition to the Yeezy 350 shoes, the Yeezy Slides shoes were also introduced to everyone’s attention. And obviously, since the release and appeared on the secondary market, its price has skyrocketed like other Yeezy models.

And of course, in Vietnam, it is difficult to buy a genuine Yeezy sandals because no store can import and sell at such a price. So, your only choice might be Yeezy replica or fake sandals. Note that the fake sandals you buy on cheap e-commerce sites have hard soles and are uncomfortable.