Some things about Blood Dragon wood

Blood Dragon is a plant that grows on the island of Socotra, which is one of the largest islands in the Indian Ocean. The Blood Dragon trees from a distance look like green umbrellas, or giant mushrooms. The sap of the tree is bright red like blood, with a strong sour taste. When it dries, it looks like transparent pearls. Blood Long is exploited to produce various kinds of fine art wooden furniture or feng shui jewelry.

Blood Dragon wood

Currently, feng shui jewelry from Blood Long wood is very popular, but not everyone knows how to preserve it properly. Let Bao Tin Jewelry find out how to properly preserve Blood Dragon wooden bracelets.

Blood Dragon wood is hydrophobic, if exposed to water easily fades, if water is contaminated, use a soft cloth to dry immediately.

How to make the Blood Dragon bracelet shiny

Want to keep your bracelet always shiny you should regularly clean it. Using a soft cloth to constantly wipe around the wood grain, this will help the oil in the wood be pushed out, creating a coating on the wood grain, making the Blood Dragon bracelet always bright. ball.

Many people wearing a bracelet have a habit of hand-stroking the wood grain with their hands, but this is a wrong act of doing. Because the pH of each person’s sweat is different, if you use your hands directly to grip the wood particles, it will have a negative effect on it.

When wearing a wooden Blood Dragon bracelet, it should be avoided to crack. When not wearing the bracelet on your hand, you should remove and place in a dedicated storage box to avoid dust clinging to the ring as well as avoid impacts and strong impacts.