Men’s burlap bag is both convenient and trendy. They are loved by fashionistas around the world. Burlap bags are one of the accessories that has received attention in recent years. From its role as a highly functional bag, it is favored by young people to carry items when shopping. Now the tote bag is transformed with a variety of shapes to become more stylish and classy. Find out now.

The standards of premium burlap bags that consumers need to know

Premium burlap bags are made from a higher quality burlap material with more elaborate design, more elaborate seams, pictures, printed patterns which require higher requirements on color and aesthetics. Therefore, it costs higher than normal burlap bags. 

Burlap bag

1. Quality burlap

Material is one of the top criteria when you choose any product. High-quality burlap is both chewy and moderate with a softness suitable when used to stand in a pocket. Users can use the bag for a long time without worrying about tearing or fraying, fading.

2. The sewing thread is firm and aesthetically pleasing

This criterion is easy to recognize when you choose to buy a bag. High-end burlap bags manufacturers and suppliers will examine products very carefully. Before distributing products to the market. High-quality burlap bags must have uniform and beautiful stitches, be firm and not be punctured

3. Good printing techniques

Any information customers require can be printed on the surface of high quality burlap bags. Print logo, company information, message … Can print one side, two sides, one color or more. Pictures and landscapes can be printed on the bag. Printed by silk screen printing technology, digital printing. Or thermal transfer printing depending on the needs, preferences and personality of each person. No matter how you decorate it, the patterns on the high-class canvas bag must be sharp, clear, not patchy, and not skewed with embroidery thread. Make sure not to peel off during use.

4. The accessories guaranteed

Even the accessories on high-end burlap bags are taking cared of. Only high-quality products have a key made of pure copper. Each key, hook is meticulously completed. There is never a way for a zipper to catch on, or for the hook to be open.

Today, in addition to simple cross backpack models with 1 single compartment. We can also find versatile bags. With the versatile cross-bags, men can see it as a useful item to go anywhere. Because inside the bag there are many different small compartments allowing you to store more items with a larger size. You can even store your laptop or tablet in these 1-strap cross-braces. You can comfortably bring to work, go on a trip or go out.

How to clean burlap bags and store them properly 

Have you ever accidentally left food and drinks in your burlap bag? Have you ever wondered what to do with these stains? How to clean them effectively without using chemical detergents that can damage the color materials and the print of the fabric bag?

How to clean burlap bags and store them properly

1. Take out all items currently stored in burlap bags

Everyone knows this is a small thing that everyone knows but not without fail. Especially the small unattended pieces of paper left in the bag. When rinsing, these small pieces of paper absorb the dissolved water and stick to the fabric fibers of the bag, making it unsightly and hard to clean for the next time.

2. Use a detergent suitable for cleaning burlap bags

Case 1, if your burlap bag isn’t too dirty. Only a small amount of soap is diluted with water. Then, soak the bag in this solution for 10-15 minutes and then rub your hands to clean the stain.

Case 2 for a burlap bag with stubborn stains that are difficult to wash by normal. It is recommended to use detergent with the right amount of detergent. Mix a few drops of bleach combined with soap. Then soak the burlap bag in this solution for 5 – 10 minutes. Note that bleach water is very strong and has an unpleasant odor. You should consider adding this solution. A sincere advice is to match the volume of the solution to the number of bags you need to wash (1 bag only needs 3-4 drops of bleach).

3. Carry out washing and cleaning the burlap bag

The most important step is to remove stubborn stains from the burlap bag. As included in step 2, the job of this step is much lighter because your job now is just to gently scrub the stains thoroughly until the stain is clean and gone. public.

In case the stain is too stubborn you can use javel bleach to clean the burlap bag. In the last resort, you should add a packet of fragrant fabric softener to the water. Then soak the burlap bag for 5-10 minutes. Then bring it to dry.

4. Hang the burlap bag in a cool place

Before drying, it is necessary to turn the bag upside down, so that after drying the burlap bag, the color of the fabric will not fade and the printed image will make the bag look unattractive.

Choose locations where balconies are cool with regular sunlight. Avoid places that lack sunlight, like indoors, because it can easily make your bag wet and smell bad.

To dry the bag quickly and effectively, you should turn the bag upside down, open the belly and the zipper, dry in the sun, limit the use of iron and dryer to dry the bag.

Hope that the information shared above will help you with how to keep your burlap bag always clean and new. Both save money and have a stylish bag that stands out with everyone around.

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