Choosing for yourself shoes that are smaller or larger than the foot size can both damage your feet and spine. Maintaining this condition for a long time will have negative health effects that no one can foresee. So choosing the size of shoes or shoes is very important. And the best time to measure your shoe size is at the end of the day, when the feet have passed a long day of activity and the foot size will be maximum. This is the right time for choosing the best shoe size.

How to measure foot length:

  • Place your foot on a blank sheet of paper, marking the longest toe and heel point.
  • The length between the 2 points you just measured (x) is your foot size.
  • Look up the table below to see which shoe size (x) cm you just measured corresponds to the shoe size


Each Asian shoe size is usually about 5mm length difference and 4 mm width.

Shoe size parameters will vary according to the texture of the foot, according to the model and the material of the product.

The toe-to-toe shoes should be around 1-2cm, especially when you plan to use socks when wearing them.

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